INFINITY C2 provides excellent function and is a great choice for dedicated riders. The pad features an ergonomic shape that follows the athlete’s body for an efficient pedaling movement and optimal comfort.

Top-quality foams and fabrics

C2 comprises three layers, including a second and third layer made of medium-density and high-density foams. Together these two layers create a perfect combination that cushions and absorbs energy and then dissipate it like an anti-shock system. In addition, the layer closest to the skin is made of Italian top-quality polyester fabric that offers great 4-way stretch and excellent moisture transport. The fabric’s 4-way elasticity allows the pad to follow the pedaling, moving body.

Bended side wings

In order to create a perfect anatomical shape, the side wings and front cup come with a bended design. The front cup also has a debossed area that increases the space for the genitals, decreasing blood pressure and the sense of fatigue.

Eco-friendly approach

The new C2 design allow us to work on two separate parts of foams that are cut and shaved independently. This procedure reduces the waste of shaved foam with approximately 25-30%.

DENSITY: 60 + 95 kg
THICKNESS: 4 + 10 mm