Material Guide

There is no easy way to the cutting edge of innovation. All the steps have to be taken.

In our case, that includes not only teaming up with first-class athletes but also collaborating with the best fabric manufacturers and the leading research labs across the globe. At the Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre, we study biomechanics, functionality and how various fabrics affect athletes’ bodies and performances. This state-of-the-art institute has been the starting point for many of our revolutionary garments, including the cross-country suit that reaped great success at the Olympics in Sochi as well as the latest outfit for the riders on BMC-Vifit Sport Triathlon Team.

In order to optimize performance and comfort, we also join forces with leading fabric experts such as Gore, eVent and Invista. Combining our own expertise with the knowledge of these innovative partners and the best athletes in the world, we continue to stay ahead of the pack.


Searching for the world’s best Tri Suit

In the search for the world’s best Triathlon Suit, Craft Sportswear and pro team BMC-Vifit Sport’s Patrik Nilsson teamed up in the climate lab to test how the suit performed in different conditions. The suit was tested in Nordic summer climate, 20°C and 75% humidity as well as the conditions that prevails at the IM World Championships in Kona, Hawaii that is 35 °C and 90% humidity. The purpose is to observe how the suit is performing in these different conditions and the effect it has on the BMC-athletes in order to push innovation further in the tri suit field. Ultimately, this is what truly dedicated triathletes do in order to perform their very best when it counts. Bob De Wolf, CEO of the BMC-Vifit Sport Pro Triathlon Team adds:

“As a team we stand for professionalism and high performance. Day in day out our entire philosophy and vision as a team is based on providing our athletes with maximal professional support with the ultimate goal to optimize their performances. Obviously such can only be achieved through the commitment and contributions of oursponsors and partners. We are therefore very grateful that Craft enables our athletes to play such an important part in the further development and innovation of their already outstanding triathlon suit.”




Innovative partners.

To optimize performance and comfort, we also cooperate with leading materials experts Gore, eVent and Invista . By combining our expertise with the knowledge of these innovative partners and the best athletes in the world, we continue to stay ahead of technological developments.











C1 Infinity
C1 Infinity offers cutting-edge function and c omfort for elite performances. Featuring the finest materials and latest innovations, including bended side wings and front cup, the pad delivers exceptional comfort for the most demanding riders.
C2 Infinity provides excellent function and is a great choice for dedicated riders. The pad features an ergonomic shape that follows the athlete’s body for an efficient pedaling movement and optimal comfort.








C4 Infinity Oeko-Tex® 100 fabrics and foams of the highest quality ensure durability and efficient moisture transport while perforated holes provide enhanced ventilation. Thanks to its well-designed sitting area and 4-way stretch, C4 Infinity makes your ride a smooth experience.
C3 Infinity is designed to suit all kinds of riders and make every ride a comfortable experience. The latest upgrade includes new shape, dimensions, fabric, foam and design – offering even more comfort.